Virtual Energy Advisor

Virtual Energy Advisor


Your GPS for energy savings

The app/web app Virtual Energy Advisor helps users, in a personalized way, to achieve their energy efficiency goals and to compete and collaborate with their City community.
The app philosophy is that saving energy brings not only individual but also social benefits, and that community dynamics such as efficiency competitions and common goals (social causes) can be as effective as individual goals.
It can be considered an intelligent advisor that analyse your consumption data and, thanks to algorithms, can provide personalized feedbacks that drive you in energy efficiency in tree ways: inform, interact and act.
The user have, with a quick view, a general understanding of his consumption position (when he has consumption peaks, if he is saving compared to the last year, if he is efficient compared to his neighbours, if his power consumption is appropriated). Feedbacks and tips are driving the behaviours (positive feedbacks: ie “Great you are more efficient than your neibours”, action oriented feedbacks: ie. “You should change your tariff, you would pay 20€/month less in the invoice”)
It is also a social network where users can compete with other users (efficiency rankings in a city or among cities), cooperate with other user in social causes (all the community savings are invested by a sponsor in a social cause), and cooperate to achieve individual goals (interact in an asks and responses section, asking and solving issues or doubts of other users related to energy efficiency).

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