Social app finalists at the MPA 2014 and how they can improve people’s lives.

Barcelona, February 14th.- The Mobile Premier Awards, considered the best app event in the planet, will take place on February 24th, in Barcelona. The MPA’s are not just a mobile app competition during the renowned Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. With their eighth edition this year, they were actually one of the first app competitions ever. Furthermore, the nominated apps are all finalists of different AppCircus events organised around the globe and some of the apps are the result of the hackathome competitions, where appcircus gathers experts and app developers to solve certain social needs. Other apps have won a local appcircus competition in Europe, USA, Latin America or Africa. All of the finalist apps have been selected by an international jury of industry experts and are a representation of the new trends in the world of mobile applications.

So, what are these social apps ? And how can they have an impact on people’s lives ?

One of the finalists is Socialdiabetes. Social diabetes was created by Victor Bautista, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent) in 2008. He searched the Internet for tools to manage his diabetes routine and the only health technology he found were data logs that count carbohydrates, blood sugar or track exercise. But Victor wanted an easy-to-use computing tool like an App. An App that works out his blood sugar in relation to the food he’s eating at that time, so it can suggest the optimum insulin dosage for him. So Victor put a team of doctors and technicians together to help him create the socialdiabetes app.

What’s so special about this app and why is is different from other diabetes apps ? Socialdiabetes offers telemedicine, a cloud connection with doctors, health care professionals and parents (in case of a child with diabetes). Furthermore, besides the real-time insulin adjustment including residual insulin calculations, it analyses the patient’s historical behavioural patterns to warn them for a potential dangerous hypoglycemia. The app, available in 11 languages and with about 750 downloads a day, can be used on android and IOS. In 2012 socialdiabetes has won the UNESCO mobile healthcare award.

Another finalist is Blindoo, created by Mohammad Alqerm, a Software Engineering Student at Jordan University of Science and Technology. Mohammed wanted to build something “awesome” to improve people’s lives. There are about 350 million persons having problems with their visual ability, so Mohammed built an application that transforms text and pictures into speech. By setting up a little camera on people’s glasses, the camera can read the information, sends it to the app and this way people can listen to the subject they’re filming. The app is still in testing phase but should be launched in a couple of months.

Also in the running, is isignit, a sign language app that helps medical staff to communicate with their deaf patients. The creator of Isignit is Urs-Vito Albrecht, the head of a multidisciplinary research group that deals with the ethical and legal aspects of apps used in a medical context based at Hannover Medical School. As Urs’s also a physician with experience in emergency medicine and has been confronted with severe problems due to the language barrier between physician and  patient, he and his team developed isignit to improve the communication between sign-language users and healthcare professionals. They involved the users as an integral part of the project so they could become part of the developing process and not just the receiver of a solution. No wonder the app became very successful and has been receiving great feedback from hard hearing people and their relatives. For the moment the free app is available with German, Austrian and English sign language, but Urs is looking for additional partners so they can add more languages to help more people worldwide.

These are just a few examples of the apps that have been selected for the Mobile Premier Awards 2014.

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Mobile Premier Awards, sponsored by Intel and Estrella

When: February 24, 2014

Hours: 16.45 h (start) / 20.00 (winners announcement)

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The full list of apps nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards 2014:

Andara – Madrid

Social Diabetes – Barcelona

Sparkvue – USA

Kinderkribbe Daycare– Bruselas

Samplr – Barcelona

Moovit– Israel

CityShopper – Berlín

WaiterApp – Madrid

Fetch – Apps You’ll Love – USA

Paganza – Uruguay

mSchool – Senegal

Blindoo – Jordania

Aidapp – Mexico


iSignIT-app – Alemania

Nott Won’t to sleep – Amsterdam

Splyce – Barcelona

Mis reuniones – Mexico

Taarifa – UK

Jaqard – Italia

Press Invitation MPA 2014
Los Mobile Premier Awards eligen la Mejor App el 24 de febrero en Barcelona