Most word games today are all about jumbled letters. Be it Scrabble, Boggle or Ruzzle. Signtist is different that has been copyrighted in over 130 countries.

Ever noticed how we unknowingly make a pattern while typing an SMS? Signtist does the opposite. It gives you the pattern and asks you to guess the word!

The game requires fast decoding skills and sharpens the brain. It is a challenging and interesting game that improves spellings and vocabulary.

Signtist is the new sign language! With over 600 puzzles to solve, this game really gets your gray cells buzzing.

There is a “Category” section and a “Vocabulary” section. The former has over 20 topics to choose from, for eg: Animals, Countries, Sports, Languages, etc. The latter has 5 levels with words from the English dictionary in increasing level of difficulty.

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