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2012 Program

15h30 Registration
16h00 Welcome: Rudy De Waele, Co-founder AppCircus
16h15 Keynote: James Pearce, Head of Mobile Developer Relations, Facebook.
16h30 Mark Johnson, Android Platform Marketing Manager, Intel Corporation.

16h35 App Pitches Round 1
mobile-pocket (AppCircus Vienna, Austria)
MafutaGo! (AppCircus Kampala, Uganda)
My Magic Songs (AppCircus Lisbon, Portugal)
ReallyLateBooking (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (AppCircus Bucharest, Romania)
17h05 Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, QNX Software Systems Ltd.

17h10 App Pitches Round 2
No Te Pases (AppCircus México DF, Mexico)
TidyApp (AppCircus Milan, Italy)
MsemaKweli (AppCircus Nairobi, Kenya)
Gigbeat (AppCircus Düsseldorf, Germany)
screach (AppCircus Austin, USA)
Moraba (AppCircus Cape Town, South Africa)
17h40 Coffee Break

18h00 Carlos Domingo, Director of Product Development and Innovation, Telefónica Digital and CEO of Telefónica I+D.
18h05 Carles Ferreiro, Co-founder AppCircus
18h05 Open Cities Presentation
18h25 App Pitches Round 3
CineXPlayer3D (AppCircus Paris, France)
Qminder (AppCircus Tallinn, Estonia)
The Hand (AppCircus Bogotá, Colombia)
echoecho (AppCircus London, UK)
The incredible Circus (AppCircus São Paulo, Brazil)
18h55 Jay Sullivan, Vice President Product, Mozilla

19h00 App Pitches Round 4 
TouchyBooks (AppCircus Barcelona, Spain)
Bear Care (AppCircus Online Competition)
EyeEm (AppCircus Berlin, Germany)
Saya (AppCircus Accra, Ghana)
The Social Radio (AppCircus Buenos Aires, Argentina)

19h30 Networking
20h00 Winners announcement – AppCircus Party Kick-off
20h15 Mambo Jambo & Ster Wax (live concert)
21h30 DJ Soul Kitchen Delux
23h30 End

2012 Venue

Every Circus needs a great tent! We are very happy to have found the perfect venue for a great show: the Sala Apolo – a jewel of the classic dance hall design!

[aside title=”Address”]
C/ Nou de la Rambla 113,
08004 Barcelona[/aside]Not only does it provide a great stage for our app artists but it also offers comfortable space for engaging networking or just hang out to relax from the hustle and bustle of the MWC.