Mis Reuniones

My Meetings has become the definite tool to manage 360° meetings. We made an important evolution to the app to widely improve the experience of our users by making it easier, more executive and more dynamic. The feeling of using My Meetings is more satisfying and displays more information since the moment you enter, welcoming you with a modern interface and strategic information for your day-to-day. • Fast registration of action items. • Order of action item registration to make it more intuitive. • Ability to manage your own contact list, letting you import data from other app’s contacts. • Evolution of the meeting log section, adding the following functionality: • Picture and video integration • Pause and play of meeting duration and custom start and end times of the meeting log. • Lateral panels with action items of the meeting, late and by participant. • Save of meeting log without sending an email. • Performance greatly optimized by improving information saving time. From now on you won’t be able to stop using My Meetings!!!

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