Mimi Hearing


Make love to your ears with the best sound experience you’ve ever had.

By adding clarity and depth you will hear more of your music than ever before. Say goodbye to missing out.
Hearing is crucial, even in the smallest social interactions. We rely on our hearing. It is on, 24/7. Good hearing is taken for granted, but hearing loss affects more than 10% of the world population, and there are no drugs to take no surgery to undertake which can restore good hearing. So far, only expensive, stigmatized hearing aids offer help. And to take actively care of your hearing.

Mimi strives to be the global No.1 go-to place for better hearing. We make complex technology accessible by integrating it into intuitive, user-centered apps. Using our apps should be enjoyed even by those who are not yet aware about hearing care at all. Mimi has been in the finals of TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2014, and made the runner up at Pioneers 2014 and the WebSummit 2014.


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