GiveO2 is a mobile application that let users measure and offset their carbon footprint related to transportation, in a simple and automatic way. Using the GPS and 3G connection, GiveO2 takes the offsetting process to a personalized level. It uses the information of your transportation. It tracks your trips. This way, it provides a very accurate estimation of your emissions. All this directly from your smartphone. Download the app for free and then you register your car and that’s it, you just continue with your life meanwhile giveO2 does the rest of the work for you. Thanks to its technology, the measurement of the carbon footprint is automatic. With this, GiveO2 tracks all the trips of your day and, at any time of the day, the user can check his trip summary, were he can easily select the trips he would like to offset.
GiveO2 also includes gammification features so the user can actually have fun while being sustainable. Users will be able to achieve goals, get rewards and earn points that he will be able to change for discounts in stores.