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Fetch – Get the newest apps from Google Play, quickly and easily! Just pick the types of apps you like and Fetch will keep searching for you, looking for the best matches. When Fetch finds something new and awesome, it will go right into your feed so you will get the best new apps first, with no effort. Only on Fetch can you search with more than 100 different traits to get to the type of apps and games that you like:- Category traits like: Action-Adventure, Brain-Puzzle, and Strategy-Simulation- Multiplayer traits like: MMO, Turn-based Multiplayer, and Player vs Player- Subject traits like: Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi- Action traits like: Shoot, Drive, and Jump- Graphics traits like: Cartoony, Anime, and 8-bit… and many, many more! Explore games like never before! Follow your search to subscribe to the newest games as they come out on Google Play. We also curate hundreds of new apps every week, so you get only the best ones, filtered by us.


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