Gift and redeem the things you love with your friends. Food, drinks, products… anything! Did you just eat the tastiest burger? Drink an amazing cocktail? Relax at the latest nail bar? Lucky you! Now you can recommend the best-of-the-best, by gifting it to your friends with B’Gfitee. With B’Giftee, anyone can create and share a ‘gift of cash’ with their Facebook friends. Not just cash—there’s a location and details attached to your recommendation. Only the first, lucky friend, to arrive at the location where the gift was can redeem it. Once the gift is redeemed, your friend has the cash to enjoy your recommendation. It’s as easy to redeem gifts as it is to create them with B’Giftee. In no time, you’ll be enjoying the latest recommendations from friends too — just be sure to get there first if you want to enjoy it for free. You can also see how you and your friends rank on the B’Giftee scale. It seems easy, but the challenge is to gift as much as you redeem. Only the person that can strike a balance between the two will be crowned the B’Giftee-est. There’s only one rule … if you love it, gift it.

The online jury has spoken